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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Botswana - 16 April, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Campsite on island in the Okavango Delta S1852.313' E02230.210' 970 m
Mekoro ride on Okavango Delta 10 km (mekoro)
Seronga S1849.598' E02226.019' 969 m 5 km (truck)
Speedboat ride on Okavango Delta 50 km (speedboat)
Finish Sepopa Night Stop S1844.789' E02211.823' 975 m


35,018 km

14,198 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, sunny and very hot.  Cool at night.



Daily Journal Entry:

Botswana01_Delta3_Mekoro1_Jac_3006_Web.gif (222107 bytes)

Today we will head out of the delta.  After breakfast, we pack up the campsite and load all our stuff into the mekoro for the ride back to Seronga.  It is another very pleasant ride in the boats and we make a short stop for a swim.  Along the way, we make an effort to spot as many birds as we can - we do quite well.  We arrive at Seronga at noon.


After unloading all our stuff, we prepare lunch for the group with the food that we have left over.  Then we wait for the truck to arrive to take us to the speed boats.  When it does arrive, we load all our stuff into the truck and head off to the boats.


We get to the boats at quarter to three and, after loading in all our stuff, we are ready for the hour plus ride out of the delta.  And it is a great ride.  It reminds us of the James Bond boat chase scenes in Florida and Bangkok.  We are zipping at high speed up the river around the islands and bushes.


Botswana01_Delta3_Speedboat_Jac_3007_Web.gif (210882 bytes)

Our driver is great and we re-adjust the load and he goes all out to pass all the other boats.  Even though we started last, we quickly passed the other three boats.  We see lots of birds along the way - almost running into one of them.  We zip around the bends and corners at high speed - we could touch the plants as we sped by.


We got to the campsite shortly after 4 PM.  We were so far ahead of the other boats that we had the time to unload and to get to the bar and have a beer before they arrived.  As it was our turn to cook, we then headed back to the truck to prepare dinner.  After serving dinner and cleaning up, we headed for the bar.


And things got a bit out of control.  It started slow with some darts, and then things got a bit out of control when we had some foot races involving drinking shots with no hands.  People were dancing on the tables and bars and swinging from the roof on a canoe hanging from the ceiling.  We were lucky to get away with one banged skull and a broken toe.

























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