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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Zimbabwe - 9 April, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Victoria Falls (Shoestring Campsite) S1755.568' E02550.111' 892 m
Elephant Hills Golf Course
Finish Victoria Falls (Shoestring Campsite) S1755.568' E02550.111' 892 m


33,852 km

13,032 km


Weather: Clear, sunny and very hot in the morning.  Cloudy and hot in the afternoon.  Drizzle in the evening and warm at night.



Daily Journal Entry:

We have a slow start to the day, relaxing in our tent.  After packing up our stuff, we wander into town to get some breakfast.  After coming back to the campsite, Lars gets ready to go play some golf.  He is going to go with Paolo and Jim to the Elephant Hills Golf Course (while Jacqui goes shopping, of course).


Zimbabwe01_VicFalls2_Heli23_Golf_2859_Web.gif (181673 bytes)

They head shortly before 10 AM and grab a taxi.  After arriving and getting all the formalities out of the way, they head off onto the golf course.  It appears to be quite a nice course.  We spend the morning playing the front nine holes.  It is great fun.  The course is right next to the Zambezi National Park and there are lots of animals on the course.  We jokingly asked if they had lions and they told us only in the winter!!!


We saw sable, impala, warthogs and baboons while we played.  The second hole is a par three with a water hole in front of the green and half the green blocked by trees.  We could see some impalas grazing on the green.  When Paolo hit his shot, one of the impalas bolted - we were not sure if he was hit or just spooked by the ball landing nearby.  On another hole, Lars wandered up to within 5 meters of a group of sable resting under a tree - his ball was right near them - before they wandered off.  Only to wander right into the way of Paolo's shot - we had to shoo them off.  Lars' best hole was the 9th one - a par five and he bogeyed it.  We had a great time.


After the front nine holes we decided to stop for lunch. After the meal and a few beers we decided to call it quits and to head back.  It was starting to get hot and the weather a bit threatening.  They took a taxi back to the campsite.  After a quick shower, we joined up with Jacqui and headed over to the Victoria Falls Hotel for high tea.  As it was when we came last time, it was a very nice meal.  We sat there enjoying the tea and snacks while looking over the falls and the spray.


On our way back to the campsite we did some shopping and then took a few hours to relax.  For dinner, we headed over to the Explorer's bar.  The meal was not too good and we quickly went to the Kingdom for drinks, cigars and some gambling.  Once again, we did OK - we did not lose any money.



























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