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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Zimbabwe - 28 March, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Victoria Falls, (Shoestrings Campsite) S1755.568' E02550.111' 892 m
Finish Victoria Falls (Shoestrings Campsite) S1755.568' E02550.111' 892 m -


31,125 km

10,205 km


Weather: Mostly clear, sunny and very hot.  Cool at night.



Daily Journal Entry:

Today is a relaxing day in Victoria Falls.  We have a slow morning and then head into town for a quick breakfast at a local coffee shop.  We then return to the campsite to collect the video from the abseiling yesterday.  At the same time we find out that something has leaked in one of our bags, so we need to spend the rest of the morning cleaning it up.


Then it is off for some shopping in the afternoon.  There are quite a few shops in town and we wander around.  We find a few things to buy here and there.  The exchange rate is so good that everything is very reasonable.  We take a short break for lunch.


Zimbabwe01_VicFalls1_VFHotel_HighTea_Jac_2689_Web.gif (175678 bytes)

Around three o'clock we head over to the Victoria Falls Hotel for high tea.  The tea is served on the terrace with a view of the bridge and the spray from the falls.  The tea is quite good (and very reasonable at around $3).  We sit in the sun and enjoy the food and the view.


After taking a few pictures, we wander back to town.  After spending some time at the internet cafe we head back to the truck.  After sorting out our bags, we take a shower and get ready to go out.  We decide to go for the all you can eat pizza at The Kingdom.  As usual, we follow this with some drinks and some gambling at the casino.  We still do OK at the roulette wheel.  We return to the campsite shortly after midnight.





























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