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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Zimbabwe/Zambia - 26 March, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Livingstone, Zambia S1752.787' E02550.698' 894 m
Victoria Falls (Zambia) 2 km (walk)
Zambia - Zimbabwe border (Victoria Falls)
Finish Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Shoestrings Campsite) S1755.568' E02550.111' 892 m 15 km


31,055 km

10,135 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, occasional sun and very hot.  Warm at night.



Daily Journal Entry:

Given the long day we had yesterday, we have a slow, relaxing morning.  Breakfast was at 8 AM and we took our time packing up the truck.  Shortly before 10 AM we drove into the town of Livingstone to have a lookaround.  We bought some of the stamps.  We then headed to Victoria Falls.


We got to the Zambian part of the falls and we went for a walk to take a closer look.  We were fortunate that we took our raincoats with us.  The river is so full of water that the spray being thrown up is amazing.  There are several paths that we took, which allowed us to have stunning views of the falls.


Zambia01_VicFalls_2642_Web.gif (235373 bytes)

Once we got close to the falls, we had to put on our rain coats as the spray was, well, not a spray but a deluge of water.  We were soaked.  It was like a heavy rain storm.  We first headed out to Knife Edge Point along Knife Edge Track.


Zimbabwe01_VicFalls2_FootBridge_2883_Web.gif (183635 bytes)

But to get there, we need to cross over a small footbridge over a deep gorge.  It was amazing.  The bridge sloped slightly and the bridge was flowing with water from the spray.


Out at Knife Edge Point we had some great views of the falls and continued to get very wet.  We then wandered back along the footpath that runs right up against the cliff face.  They are working on the track here, so there are not really any railings, so it was quite a sight and experience.  The trail was covered in running water.  We then headed back and took the trail down to the Boiling Pot, down at the base of the falls under the bridge.


Zambia01_VicFalls_Bridge_2645_Web.gif (215694 bytes)

The trail starts of steeply and then carries down and into the gorge.  At some points the trail disappeared under fallen trees and overflowing streams.  We would have to find our way around and wander through a stream for quite a while to see where the trail dried out.  We were then rewarded with an excellent view of the Zambezi gorge and the Victoria Falls bridge.  After enjoying the view for a while, we headed back up to the truck.


Once back at the truck, we headed off to Zimbabwe.  We cleared Zambian immigration quite quickly and then we drove over the Victoria Falls bridge to the Zimbabwe side.  We had a great view of the falls as we drove over the bridge.  At the Zimbabwe side they were a bit of a pain this time, but we made it through after an hour.  We headed into the town, where we changed some money and grabbed something to eat.


We got to our campsite around 4 PM and set up our tent.  After taking it easy for a while, we headed back into town for a drink at the Explorer's bar.  It was quite empty, as is the whole town.  The tourists have stopped coming to Zimbabwe.  We grab a pizza for dinner at the restaurant next door and then head down to the Kingdom.  At the Kingdom we alternate between the bar and the casino.  Given the current exchange rate, we are able to play for quite small stakes at the roulette table, so we do not have to worry about losing too much money.  Back at the bar, we have a good time trying out all sorts of different kinds of shooter.  Again, given the exchange rate, everything is very cheap so we might as well take advantage of it.


We get back to the campsite around 1 AM and head off to bed.





















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