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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Namibia - 5 May, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Fish River Canyon - Hobas Campsite S2737.230' E01742.877' 708 m
Finish Fish River Canyon - Ai-Ais Campsite S2755.006' E01729.343' 215 m 72 km


39,967 km

19,147 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, sunny, and hot in the sun, otherwise cool.  Cold at night.



Daily Journal Entry:

We have a lazy start to the day as we do not have too far to go.  After a late breakfast, we pack up the campsite and we are ready to go just before 10AM.  We head south to the southern end of Fish River Canyon at Ai-Ais.


Namibia01_FishRiver_AiAis_3408_Web.gif (227780 bytes)

We get there shortly after 11 AM, check in and get our campsite set up.  This end of the canyon is not as nice - not too much to see.  So we just take it easy for the rest of the day.  After spending some time working on our journals, we decide to head to the Spa.


Ai-Ais is known for its natural hot water springs.  From our perspective the only problem is that they have built this big spa around the springs so it feels like we are in a heated pool in the west some where.  But we still go in and spend a couple of relaxing hours in the hot waters.  It is quite reinvigorating just laying in the water and letting the water jets and fountains beat the knots out of our muscles.


It is then very bracing to emerge out into the cool evening air.  We sit down at the bar for a beer, waiting for dinner to be ready.  After dinner, we hang out by the campfire.  It turns out that someone has made some more vodka jelly, so that quickly disappears - there never seems to be enough.  We build up a massive fire to take the chill out of the night air.



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