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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Namibia - 2 May, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Sesriem (campsite) S2429.077' E01547.983' 792 m
Finish Klein Aus Vista (campsite) S2639.374' E01614.059' 1,384 m 397 km


39,239 km

18,419 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, sunny, and very hot.  Cold at night.  Windy.



Daily Journal Entry:

Today is another driving day.  We head south towards Aus.  Along the way in the morning we stop for one of our usual pee breaks.  The men go to one side and the women to the other side.  Jim, who as you will all know hurt himself yesterday at Sesriem Canyon limps out into the bushes.  After completing his business, he limps back to the truck, but half way he starts to yell - he is being attacked by a swarm of bees.  As he cannot really walk, let alone run, he is being attacked mercilessly.


A couple of people run in to help him and Playton unceremoniously throws him over his shoulder and carries him out, being bitten a number of times along the way.  This brings the bees to the truck and everyone quickly jumps in and closes the door and windows, but a few have made it in and they have to be swatted. We then get on our way - one of our more exciting pee breaks.


Namibia01_Aus_Enroute_3307_Web.gif (205319 bytes)

We have our usual lunch break along the road and then carry on.  It is a wonderful drive along flat plains with table mountains rising up on both sides.  We stop in Aus for a short time to pick up some food.  We then arrive in Klein Aus Vista, a beautiful campsite with great views and is clean and well laid out.


Namibia01_Aus_Campsite_3358_Web.gif (210759 bytes)

We spend some time trying to find a good spot to set up our tent - we want to be away from the crowds and have a great view of the sky and of the mountains.  We finally find a very nice spot - even though we had to give up on a spot on a hilltop as it was not flat enough.


Namibia01_Aus_Sunset_3313_Web.gif (162386 bytes)

After setting up, we go for a walk up one of the nearby hills to watch the sunset.  It is also Paolo's birthday, so we bring along a few things to celebrate with.  We have some chips and drinks and gifts and Paolo brings along his bottle of Chivas.


Namibia01_Aus_Sunset_3309_Web.gif (208195 bytes)

Now this is how you enjoy life - sitting at the top of a hill watching a stunning sunset in the company of good friends while having a drink and a cigar.  This sunset was spectacular as it had an effect on the whole world around us, not just where the sunset.  The colors kept changing, bring out details and features that we had not seen before.


As it started to get dark, we wandered down the hill back to the truck for dinner.  After dinner, we took a shower and than sat around the camp fire.  In addition to a few drinks, we pulled out some marshmallows.  We used sticks to roast them over the fire.  They were scrumptious.


The night sky was beautiful and we went to be around 11 PM to admire the stars laying back on our sleeping bags.


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