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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Ghana - 4 December, 2000



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Mole National Park N0915.570' W00151.335' 183 m  
Finish Bush camp site (east of Yendi) N0925.232' E00003.550' 126 m 268 km


13, 153 km


Weather: Clear, sunny and very hot.  Cool in the evening and night.



Daily Journal Entry:

Ghana00_Mole_Campsite_1383_Web.gif (189472 bytes)

Another early morning as we are going on an early game walk.  But we first enjoy the view we over the plains below the escarpment that we are camping at the top of.  It is a great view, with the colors changing as the sun slowly rises and forms a bright orange ball.


Ghana00_Mole_Walk2_Elephant_1395_Web.gif (312166 bytes)

We start off on our game walk at 6:30 AM and head out for 2 hours.  We begin the walk on the top of the escarpment, where we first see a troop of baboons and some monkeys, followed by a bush buck.  We then come upon an elephant feeding off the trees - and we are able to get quite close.


Ghana00_Mole_Walk2_Monkey_1387_Web.gif (290486 bytes)

From there, we head down the escarpment and head towards one of the water holes.  Along the way we see plenty of birds and some more deer.  Once we get to the water hole, we see some crocodiles, wart hogs and lots of baboons.  They are quite noisy and are playing around a fair bit.  From the water hole, we walk back up to the top of the escarpment and the truck, where we enjoy an excellent breakfast that has been prepared by Ika and Mark.


Ghana00_Mole_Walk2_Lars_1405_Web.gif (270949 bytes)

The truck is loaded up, and we are then on our way towards Togo.  We have a long drive.  We stop in Tamale, in northern Ghana on our way.  The cook groups shop up and we, after posting our postcards, have a light meal in one of the few restaurants in town.  We then spend the last of our Cedis in a supermarket on snacks, as they are worthless outside Ghana.


We drive until 5 PM, when we stop just east of Yendi for a bush camp.  We set up camp in an area that has recently had a bush fire to clear away the shrub, so the ground is black and there is a burnt wood smell in the air.  Dinner is prepared quickly, and we take advantage of this to work on our journals after dinner.  We then head to bed early.  We now have a half moon, and it is nice to watch it for a while from our tent as we fall asleep.



























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