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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Ghana - 28 November, 2000



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Accra (St. George's Hotel) N0534.198' W00012.930' 16 m  -


12,051 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, sunny and very hot.  Warm in the evening and night.



Daily Journal Entry:

Another day of errands.  Lars works on the computer in the morning to update the journal, while Jacqui fills out our visa forms for Togo.  At 10:30 AM, we head to the post office to mail our stuff.  It is quite a job.  First you have to fill out a number of forms, then take your stuff to the customs guy to inspect (and if you have already packed up and sealed everything, he will make you open it) for  a stamp, then repack it all, and then go to the guy who tells you how much to pay.  At each one of these steps there are long lines.  We get into a bit of a difficult situation when we find out after we paid that airmail is only 3% more than surface mail to Singapore, so we get them to redo the shipping method - was that a drama.  While Lars took care of that, Jacqui went off to re-check our poste restante mail - we had heard that we had something filed under "L".  Jacqui comes back with two letters and a small package - thanks Mom and Dad for all the mail!!!


From there, we head to Osu for lunch and to try our luck at the internet cafe.  At one internet cafe, Lars tries for two hours to get connected with his laptop - but it does not work.  As we are heading back to the hotel, we decide to try another cafe - they get it up and running in minutes.  But the connection is not too good (keeps getting broken), so we can only transfer some of the files.


As it was so difficult, we give up after a while and head back to our hotel.  We find out that we have gotten a room at the St. George's, so we pack up our stuff, pay, load our big bags on the truck and then walk up to the other hotel.  After a quick drink there, we go out with a few people for dinner in Osu.  After dinner, Lars decides to try the internet cafe again to see how much he can transfer now.  The connection is better, so he gets more, but not all, transferred (sorry if this has caused anyone confusion).  Jacqui had headed back to the hotel as Lars was going to spend some time there.  But after only half an hour, the people at the internet cafe said they were closing (11 PM rather than the posted 12 PM), so Lars had to cut short the transfer.  Next time we hope we can get the Dogon pictures posted (that should be what was missed).































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