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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Cameroon - 12 January, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Douala (Catholic Mission) N0403.277' E00941.820' 17 m
Finish Douala (Catholic Mission) N0403.277' E00941.820' 17 m -


20,067 km


Weather: Mostly cloudy, very hot and humid.



Daily Journal Entry:

We have breakfast in the Mission - we had paid for it the night before.  It was a simple one - bread and jam.  After washing up and getting ready, we head out for the day.  Our first stop is the Artisan market.  We get there and wander around, but it is a lot of cheap stuff and the place is a bit overpowering.  So we decide not to spend too much time there.  We wander across the street to look at some vendors selling flowers - they have some very interesting one for sale that, we are sure, would cost a bundle at home.


We then take a taxi over to the textile market - but it is a disappointment, so we do not spend much time there.  We decide to head back to the hotel, but while in the taxi, Jacqui starts to feel sick.  We hop out of the cab, and take refuge in an air conditioned restaurant.  As it is about lunch time, we eat there.  After lunch, we go back to the Mission, where we spend the afternoon as Jacqui rests.


We decide to have a nice dinner that night, so we go to a relatively fancy restaurant right near the mission.  It is very good.  The service is excellent and the food is well prepared.  It was worth the extra expenditure.  While the rest of the guys go out for another drink, we (Jacqui and Lars) head back to the mission for Jacqui to rest.  But Lars has made arrangements to meet the others at 11 PM to go back to the same night club again.


We have another nice night there.  The band is still playing and they continue to do a great job.  The place is even busier tonight as it is Friday.  The disco after midnight is really hopping and there are quite a few interesting people there for us to watch.  When we get back to the mission, the guard has learnt his lesson - he has left the gate unlocked, so we can walk in without disturbing him.


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