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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Cameroon - 30 December, 2000



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Kribi beach N0254.344' E00954.113' 11 m
Finish Kribi beach N0254.344' E00954.113' 11 m -


19,102 km


Weather: Mostly cloudy, some rain in the morning, occasional sun, and very hot.  Sticky/humid.



Daily Journal Entry:

Cameroon00_Kribi_Campsite_Tent_1784_Web.gif (212046 bytes)

Today we spend at the beach.  We spend the early part of the morning just hanging out at the campsite.  We have a short rain shower - nothing much, but our first real rain since early on in the trip in Morocco.  It is a nice change, but it is also fortunate that it soon stops.  After we have brunch (left over potatoes, eggs, toast, etc), we head to the bar to work on our journals, emails and computer.


Cameroon00_Kribi_beach_1781_Web.gif (224993 bytes)

In mid-afternoon, we decide to have a break from this, and go for a swim in the ocean.  It is very nice, but the waves are not very big, so it is not as much fun as the other places we have been swimming in the ocean where the waves have been much bigger.  After our swim, we go wash up and get ready for drinks and dinner on the terrace overlooking the beach and the water.


Dinner is a bit slow in coming (even though we had ordered it ahead of time), so we have the chance to have a few drinks first.  We remembered that we had a jar of cashews in the truck, so we grabbed that to sustain us until the food came.  Jacqui had fish and Lars spaghetti.  It was very good and worth the wait.


Once we finished eating, we headed over to the pool and table soccer tables for some re-matches.  First pool.  After a couple of rounds, another couple asked if they could play, so we played them (we just lost - it was close, with us coming from behind).  Then on to the table soccer, where Craig and Ika wanted revenge for yesterday (when Paolo and Lars crushed them on a consistent basis).  Tonight was no different.


Then it was off to our tent and to fall asleep to our view overlooking the lagoon and the moon.



























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