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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Cameroon - 23 December, 2000



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Rhumsiki N1030.843' E01335.177' 1,057 m
Hike through countryside around Rhumsiki 20 km
Finish Rufta (camp outside village) N1031.056' E01339.562' 989 m  


17,141 km


Weather: Clear, sunny and very hot.  A few wispy clouds.  Cool in the evening and night.



Daily Journal Entry:

Today we go on a hike through the countryside around Rhumsiki and we will stay at one of the villages in the countryside.  We are up early, so that we can hike as much as possible in the cool morning.  After a quick breakfast at 7 AM, we are off by 8 AM.


Cameroon00_Rhumsiki_Hike1_Village_1678_Web.gif (225942 bytes)

We first hike through the village and then down into the valley that the village overlooks.  We first saw where they laid the dead people out prior to burial.  From there, we hiked into the fields and saw where they treated the millet.  In the valley, we visited on of the small villages (or rather, the home of an extended family).  We went in and hung around their courtyard while some people did some souvenir shopping.


Cameroon00_Rhumsiki_Hike1_Plug_Flower_1682_Web.gif (244336 bytes)

From there, we headed up out of the valley, across the road and across the plain towards the village we will spend the night in.  But first we stop for lunch.  We find some shade under a number of small trees, and eat the lunch that they have organised for us.  After lunch, we enjoy a short nap in the shade and wait for it to cool off a bit.  After we headed off, we came upon a market that was buzzing.  It seemed that everyone was drinking millet beer and they were very happy.  We purchased some sugar cane and sucked and chewed out the sweet juice.  It was very refreshing.


Cameroon00_Rhumsiki_Hike1_Campsite_Group_1692_Web.gif (181132 bytes)

After hiking along the plain for a while, we head up into the hills, where we go into the next valley and, after negotiating a few bends and ups and downs, we arrive at the village of Rufta.  We will spend the night here in a small clearing outside the village that has a stunning view over the plains below.  They have carried up some cold beer for us, so we quickly indulge after the hot days hiking.  While waiting for dinner, we just take it easy.


Cameroon00_Rhumsiki_Hike1_Campsite_Jac_1699_Web.gif (198244 bytes)

Jacqui works on her journal as we watch the sunset, lighting up the valley below in a warm red glow.  Dinner is a feast.  We have millet couscous, rice with potatoes and and beef stew that has "chimbaung" in it (Jacqui is very excited to find it here).  We then take it easy for the rest of the evening. There are no lights other than a few gas lanterns that they have provided.  It allows us to enjoy the night sky and the valley below.  As it gets dark, we start to see more and more wood fires appearing in the valley below.  Soon, the valley is full of red dots all over, along with a few bush fires.  It is great.


We are in our tent just after 8 PM and asleep by 9 PM.  We have a great nights sleep with the cool breeze blowing from the valley.


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